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  • Message Sketchnotes: Need message recap? Check out these recap sketchnotes that our student artists created!

  • Vision Project 2019: Gracepoint Summer Leadership Project. See here for more details.

  • 2/12: makenew Prayer Meeting | 8:30pm @ First Pres

  • 2/15: makenew Friday | 7:00pm @ 145 Dwinelle

  • 2/17: Sunday Service | 1:30pm @ Willard auditorium. See here for more details.








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Vision Project 2019

This summer, join us for a 3 week accelerated discipleship & training program in the Bay Area with students from all across our Gracepoint churches. Offerings include workshops in everything from tech and music to evangelism and advanced apologetics.



about makenew

We're a group of students who gather to read the Bible, study for classes, eat good food, hang out, and more. Our diverse life stories, backgrounds, and experiences converged on the Berkeley campus as we sought -- and found -- compelling answers for the deeper questions of life through the Bible. Come join us! 


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