uc berkeley christian fellowship

about makenew


what we’re about

We’re a group of students who gather to read the Bible, hang out, study hard, go on fun trips, eat bomb food, and just live life together. Our diverse life stories, backgrounds, and experiences converged on the Berkeley campus as we sought -- and found -- compelling answers for the deeper questions of life through the Bible.

College is the perfect time to explore the big questions of life like, “Does God exist?” and “What is the meaning of life?”  At makenew, you’ll find a safe space to ask these questions and seek satisfying answers. Whether you are a Christian who is seeking to grow in your faith, or have never even considered Christianity before, we invite you to come and join us!


makenew leads

From left to right: Elaine, Elton, Anna, Elizabeth, Percy

From left to right: Elaine, Elton, Anna, Elizabeth, Percy

student council

Our student council contains some of our student leaders here at makenew. Feel free to say hi to them and ask them any questions at our events!



pastor daniel and sarah

Pastor Daniel and his wife Sarah are the heads of makenew and coordinate a lot of the events and messages we hear every Friday.