uc berkeley christian fellowship

 sunday service

many of us attend gracepoint church, feel free to join us!

1:30pm | willard auditorium

2425 stuart st


need a ride? we'll pick you up at the follow spots at 1:00pm


message sketchnotes

Need message recap? Check out these recap sketchnotes that our student artists created!



 other ways to check us out


makenew fridays

not just bible study, it's where community happens. hot meal, bible, fellowship, and a ton of fun afterwards. if you're new to MakeNew, this is the place to start.

checkout our events page or contact us!


life group

doing life together: eating together, learning about God together and making memories together.


course 101

answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Christian faith and a chance to explore how Christianity addresses questions about the meaning of life, our purpose and the longings of our hearts.